Friedrich von der Kohlen, Tradition since 1874.

Even today, "MADE IN SOLINGEN" is a term known all over the world and signifies cutlery of first-rate quality.

A unique law protects the traditional name of this "cutlery city" as its trademark. Only those knives which were produced in SOLINGEN according to specific guidelines are allowed to bear this logo.

VON DER KOHLEN which has been in existence for 135 years counts among the oldest still existing family enterprises in Solingen, and we are proud of it.

It is our goal to maintain the artisan tradition on one side, while on the other side we strive to be in touch with technological advances. And because of this, we are able to challenge our less costly competitors.

As it is a tradition in our home town, we work together with a highly qualified and reliable team of independent work shops, each of which specializing in the various production steps (i. e. the manufacture of raw blades, grinding, polishing).

VON DER KOHLEN is the core of the pool. Here everything comes together. Each and every knife undergoes strict quality controls so that consistant and proven quality can be assured. This pool makes it possible that the production capacities are flexible according to demand and at the same time that the fixed cost is kept as low as possible – an advantage which is favorably reflected in our prices. Beyond that, we are able to be flexible and efficient in our reaction to ever changing new demands.